Are Epoxy Floors Safe?

Epoxy flooring coats are composed of strong chemical elements. That is the reason why it has the toughness and high chemical resistance. Now, the question is, are epoxy floors safe? Well, epoxy is a mixture of resins and hardener liquids. Both of these deliver hazardous substances, as we know. But why is epoxy flooring becoming popular nowadays? Regardless of providing an aesthetic view, the Calgary Epoxy Flooring states that it still has safe qualities. Furthermore, these are the details on how the epoxy floors became safe.

The epoxy flooring is not as dangerous as it seems. The chemical substances are safe, as long as it follows the guidelines in using the epoxy floor coating ca. However, one of the protocols for installing epoxy flooring is to have sufficient ventilation and personal protective equipment. In that way, it assures you that using epoxy floorings are safe.

On the other hand, epoxy floorings are also slipping and fire-resistant. It protects the household from any slipping, fire, and electric shock accident. That is one of the main reasons why many people upgrade their floorings into epoxy coats. So, it is a misunderstanding that epoxy floorings are hazardous. For further details, here are the advantages of epoxy floorings.

Pros of Epoxy Floorings

● Easy to clean.
● Durable and long-lasting.
● Provide an attractive surface.
● Environmental-Friendly.
● Allow for designated traffic and work zones.
● Chemical resistant.

The epoxy floorings are used for commercial and residential properties. Due to its benefits or advantages, the epoxy flooring can be used for heavy traffic areas such as warehouses, schools, locker rooms, and industrial environments.

But mostly, some people are struggling with the epoxy floorings. Why? The epoxy floorings deliver hazardous if it has poor installation. That is why it is necessary to apply it well to reduce the risk of its hazards. On the other hand, these are the common problems of poor installation of epoxy floorings.

Common Epoxy Floor Problems

Blisters and Craters
The blisters are the result of the air trapped in the epoxy floor. It starts when exothermic action and curing begins to arise in the epoxy floorings. However, blisters and bubbles are far different from each other. The blisters are much larger, compared with the bubbles.

The epoxy floorings might look dull and boring if they are not installed properly. There would be no impact and effects on the appearance of a home. It usually happens when the epoxy floors are applied too cold or too hot. There is proper instruction in using the epoxy flooring coat. It is necessary to follow these guidelines to achieve the best and safe epoxy flooring.

It is the most common problem in epoxy flooring. However, the causes of the bubble formation are an improper mixture of epoxy flooring coat and the temperature differences. It is necessary to consider the mixture and the “must” temperature of epoxy flooring. Many applicators failed at it, that is why many people are struggling with the bubble formation.

Poor Adhesion
There are many causes of poor adhesion and peeling of epoxy floorings. It could be from the wrong mixture of resins and hardener liquid. It might be from poor subsurface preparation. But the main cause of these is the applicators. The applicators might not be that experts and knowledgeable enough in installing epoxy floorings. That is why it is necessary to choose reliable applicators in installing epoxy floorings.

Hire an Installer

To have safe epoxy floorings, you must hire professional installers, like the Calgary Epoxy Floorings. It assures you that it provides high-quality and safe services.

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