How to Repair your Garage with Epoxy

Garage cracks may come in different causes. It can be from poor installation, shrinkage, or too much moisture. But whatever causes it may be, it still can be repairable. You can coat it with epoxy – it is an alternative option in repairing garage floors. But instead of doing the garage floor coating Calgary, you can reach out with Calgary Epoxy Flooring nearby. It is more convenient, easier, and safe. But if hiring experts does not seem pleasant to you, here are the simple ways on how to repair the garage with epoxy:

How to Repair the Garage with Epoxy?

  1. Eliminate the broken piece of cracked or crumbled areas using a chisel and hammer.
  2. Remove the remaining piece with a hard brush and spatula.
  3. Sweep the surface to remove the dust.
  4. Apply a layer of primer and wait for 10 hours.
  5. Apply the mortar in the damaged area with a metal ruler and trowel.
  6. (Optional) Apply a bit of cement in it to make it stronger and harder.
  7. Repair the splits through filling with silica sand to keep the fixing material from leaking down.
  8. Use an epoxy sand slurry or fixing blend in repairing the garage floor.
  9. Apply the blend over the hollowed zone using a trowel. Plume it smoothly to have a flawless outcome.
  10. Fill the spots you missed with any divots.

Repairing the garage with epoxy is not that difficult. But it requires time and extreme effort. That is the downside of repairing it without the help of professionals. Furthermore, it is also necessary to be aware and familiar with what are the causes of garage cracks and crumbles. In this way, it would be easy for you to prevent any damages.

Causes of Damaged Garage Floors

The three common causes are poor installation, shrinkage, or too much moisture, as we say. Let’s look further into how it affects the garage flooring. Here are the more details about these common causes of damaged garage floors:

Settling Garage

There are some that in building a garage, the soil is just leveled and not excavated. That is why the result of the garage has no strong foundation beneath. Other than that, improper downspouts and inadequate waterproofing systems could cause sinking and severe damages to the garage.

Water Damage

Water damage such as flooding could cause cracks to the garage floors. That is why it is necessary to take action immediately when having water damage inside a home, especially in a garage. Broken pipes and blocked eavestroughs could cause water damages.

Poor Installation

The main reason for having a damaged garage floor is the poor installation. The low-quality concrete mix could turn into a disaster. It does not build a strong foundation. That is why the garage floor is fragile and easy to crack. Well, it could lead to crumbling and corrosion at any time.


Building a strong foundation is the first necessary factor in constructing the garage floor. That is the best tip to prevent any damaged floors. But if you are already struggling with the garage cracks, you can follow those procedures we have given. However, you can hire Calgary Epoxy Flooring for a convenient and easy process. It assures you it will repair it completely and effectively.

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