Metallic Epoxy Flooring

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We at Calgary Epoxy Flooring is the local epoxy flooring services trusted by home and in the business area. You may ask what is about epoxy flooring services is or how it separates itself from other forms of epoxy flooring? It has the same materials used for standard epoxy flooring. However, it contains a three or four part system and consists of the epoxy resin, an epoxy hardener. As well as, metallic pigments and in some cases colorants added well.

We at Calgary Epoxy Flooring is an expert in applying metallic epoxy flooring both in home and in the business area. It is a high build, 100% solid epoxy system that make sure combined with metallic pigments. That produces a smooth, elegant and rare liquid marble effect. This kind of application is strong and durable enough for any home or business area. As well as, everyone will amaze as they enter your property.

How to apply Metallic Epoxy Flooring?

The process is different from the application of the traditional concrete floor. However, Metallic epoxy is a 100% solid epoxy system so it is as strong as they come. The floor must prepare and then after it is prepared that's the time to apply the epoxy. Other epoxy applied by rolled on, while metallic epoxy flooring is squeegeed on. Its uses of a spiked roller used after to remove any possible air pockets.

How to maintain metallic epoxy?

You only have a simple in maintaining metallic epoxy flooring system. However, it is much better to clean the floor at least twice a week if the traffic is low such as at home. While once a day if the traffic is high like for business area. When you clean the metallic epoxy flooring no need to use any waxes or polish. You can use a soft bristle broom or a dust mop and a standard wet mop. Make sure before using a chemical for floor cleaning you must check it because may damage the floor.

The advantage of Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Unmatched Durability - This is the most advantage of metallic epoxy flooring. Your home or business will be able to handle dropped objects, scratches, and abrasions. As well as, for heavy foot traffic. This is not only strong it also looks beautiful, and it is an attractive flooring system ever.

Brighter Area - another advantage is it reflective to coat on the epoxy can actually make the areas seem up to 300% brighter without the use of additional lighting sources.

Long Lifetime - All the epoxy flooring system has the ability to last for years and years. If it is properly maintained and installed, the flooring system can last well over 20 years.

There is also an application of metallic epoxy floor DIY that you may watch and learn by yourself. However, the local metallic epoxy flooring that you buy on local hardware has an additional additive. Meaning it is not that strong. This is the metallic epoxy floor disadvantages that you can get if you do it yourself.