Pebble Epoxy Flooring

Pebble epoxy flooring

Welcome to Calgary Epoxy Flooring we offer perfect polished concrete in the whole province of Calgary, Alberta. One service that we can we are experts pebble epoxy flooring service that is best on any outdoor of your home or in your business area. Our company is the complete concrete floor polishing contractors that serve all kinds or residential polished concrete floors. As well as, all kinds of business polishing concrete floors. We can customize the colors or blends that you like for your pebble epoxy flooring.


What is Pebble Epoxy Flooring Services?

Pebble Epoxy Flooring a polymer resin matrix mixed with smooth, rounded pebble stone. That will form an attractive and the same new surface. Hence, our company offers rare benefits to old concrete tear-out and replacement. Because of its absorbent nature, it creates a slip-resistant surface that does not mildew or puddle water. It is not the same as other decorative surfaces. In addition, due to its natural stone, it does not fade or change color over time. Not the same with artificial products. Hence, if there are any cracks or uneven edges in your existing surface. This can easily cover and save you money by not having to replace the original surfaces. And lessen the risk of tripping accidents that will allow for the same and beautiful new surface.


Benefits of Pebble Epoxy Flooring

Low Cost - This is basically cost you less than other long-lasting floors, including hardwood, tile. As well as, marble and linoleum in many cases. For exterior use for homes, it has big savings against removal. Or re-pouring of cement driveways or walkways.

Low maintenance - One best benefits of pebble epoxy flooring are that it has very low maintenance. This designed to be absorbent, dirt and liquids fall away from the surface. Thus, they easily cleaned and removed with a wet or dry vacuum or power washed.

Durability - To properly care for the pebble epoxy accumulate floor that will last a lifetime. It gives more life than other types of flooring.

Breathe Easily - Most households are opting to go with an epoxy aggregate flooring due to its much cleaner than carpet. It makes it far more friendly than those who have allergy and asthma problems.

Beautifully Pleasing - Due to its seamless floor, pebble epoxy flooring will actually make your rooms look bigger. Compare to tiles with its not-so-nice grout lines. And for the exterior applications pebble stone coating is more than lipstick on your old concrete. It will take you to curb appeal and property value up to space.

Design Options - Not like the other types of other floorings, your design options are surely infinite with pebble stone flooring. There are different kinds of colors and sizes, that let your inner artist comes out. You can create accents, patterns, borders, logos. As well as, other designs in almost any way you can imagine.


We take pride in all of our service as trustworthy that meets customer’s satisfaction. We are glad to serve you as you come and set an appointment with us.