Self Leveling Epoxy Flooring

best self-leveling concrete

What is Self-Leveling epoxy flooring?

Self-leveling epoxy flooring forms a perfectly smooth and level surface. Instead of having an orange texture you get when you apply on the floor with a roller by self-leveling you get a perfectly this smooth floor. This is best self-leveling concrete made for home and business surface. It gives good looks than other epoxy coatings. This kind of epoxy coating needs an expert to do it because it easily gets dry and must apply evenly.

How do we apply Self- leveling epoxy flooring?

If you pour out the product on the floor with the use of trowel and you spread the product around. In this way, you can get your desired thickness. We must remember when you are applying the product you will only use with the trowel. You have to make sure that the product is spread and even out properly. That is the reason why we always use a spike roller for this purpose. You also need to remove the bubbles because you will get an air bubble when you apply the self-leveling epoxy Flooring. When you apply this product you must be faster. But make sure that you apply it evenly and without the bubble. That is why the other worker will follow up the spreading of the product wearing spike shoes. 

Why Self-leveling epoxy flooring is expensive?

You may ask why is it that self-leveling epoxy flooring cost is more expensive than other typical epoxy flooring product. Because you need more than 8 to 10 times of the products compared to a roller applied coat. That is why the cost of self-leveling is expensive. However, the obvious reason is much more impressive and better. You also get the best resistance of the floor because the thicker coats you give it protects from any chemical. As well as, from any heavy equipment. That is the main reason why self-leveling epoxy flooring is more expensive.

Our Self- Leveling Epoxy Flooring

For our self-leveling epoxy flooring service gives medium to heavy-duty, with three components. Also, with water dispersed polyurethane- based cement and collects the screed system. It can install at a thickness between 3/16inches to 1/4inch. Self-leveling design to protect new or destroyed floors. It gives excellent resistance against compression, abrasion, impacts, and chemicals. Self-leveling meet all kinds of needs such as durability and performance. As well as, thermal shock resistance where pressure cleaning at high temperatures needed. This kind of epoxy floor polished offers a choice of anti-slip finish, from very fine to very strong. As well as, by broadcasting silica sand into the wet coating. 

Advantage of Self-Leveling Flooring service

  • Odorless that allows for interior applications without harmful smells.
  • It resists thermal shock.
  • Good for correcting and reinforcing concrete surfaces.
  • The Best self-leveling concrete it compresses strength.
  • It can resist heavy impact.
  • Compress surface resistant to bacteria and moisture and easy to clean.
  • The good adhesive property, thus it allows for application on a wide range of substrates. 
  • Hence, it can apply in several layers on itself with excellent to hold fast.
  • Much easiest to clean and shiny surface.
  • Beautifully pleasing.